The Trading Institute invites you to join Todd Brown and Jason Stapleton for a special 4 day, online event where you will learn a proprietary trading methodology that has been producing profitable traders for more than 15 years.

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As a special bonus to this limited seating event, every trader who registers will receive and advanced copy of our new Liberator Day Trading Strategy to test drive for themselves.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the 4 day event.

Day 1. New Trader Orientation - Laying a firm foundation is critical to you getting maximum value out of your week. On day one we explain our methodology to you and show you how traders are able to produce such incredible results using our proprietary system.

Day 2. Rules Based Trading - During Day two Todd will walk you through the theory and logic behind successful trading. During day two you’ll learn 2 simple words that will change how you make trading decisions forever.

Day 3. DSR: Learning the Language of the Market - Did you know every market has a language? Did you know that when you learn this language you'll have the ability to read any market like a book? In day three you’ll learn what this language is, and how to profit from it. After day three you’ll never look at a chart the same way again.

Day 4. Position Sizing and Money Management - Talk to any professional trader or money manager. They will tell you what really changed their trading and made them successful was understanding how to manage their money and protect their profits. In day four you’ll learn a little known strategy for managing money that has the potential to double, triple or even quadruple your returns.

If you’ve attended online events with us in the past you know we have literally thousands of traders who attend every day and thousands more who wish they could. For that reason it is essential you register now to ensure a spot at this event.

After Attending Our Last Event Boris Wrote us the following letter.

“I had lost two FX accounts and was struggling to get hold of a good trading strategy, good trading books, coach's guidelines, etc. before I attended your first webinar. Hardly a unique story, but what IS unique is the following:


I've never come across a mentor who would take a very significant amount of time to teach traders free of charge all the core components of trading, which include a proven trading strategy with the coverage of technical analysis, trading psychology, trading as a business, the underpinnings of the market, plus abundance of live trading examples with the coverage of risk and trade management, and a multitude of other critically important elements of trading. 

Incidentally, even though there actually are thousands of other traders attending the webinars, I have a feeling that I'm working with a personal coach, as so many of the trading aspects I'm interested in are addressed in each session. And although this is not the first time I attend your webinars, I keep finding something new every single time, partly due to the fact that I'm at a higher level now and can get the most of the provided lessons, but mostly because the quality and the depth of coverage are getting even better each time in spite of already a very high base line quality-wise a year ago.


I could go on and on if I did not have a feeling it might become boring to read. However, I just would like to make the last point. Having a degree in mechanical engineering and a masters in computer science, I had initially thought I'd be able to master the markets if not without a significant effort, but relatively quickly. And you were the first to show me that dedication was a necessary but not a sufficient factor - I still had to get on the right path. Making a long story short, my trading took a turn in the right direction not long after I attended your first webinar.”


Here are just a few more the comments from traders just like you who had their breakthrough at an event just like this one.

“After trading with a prop firm for 6 months I turned down the opportunity to trade with them full time as I believe the systems I've learned and tested through you guys are better! I’ve yet to meet a prop firm or bank trader with the same level of technical knowledge of what you teach.”
-Craig S.

“You have made a difference in my life, for that I am truly grateful and appreciative.”
-Mike W.

“With the help of your systems and training course I’ve made literally a quantum leap in terms of technical analysis, system development, ROI's and psychology towards trading as a business.”
-John S.

“Over the past year I've listened to countless experts, anyone with free material or a desire to teach. I'm a researcher type or absorbs information and can separate the good stuff from the general consensus.
You are the only guy left, where I can gain consistent, valuable insight.”

This is your chance to step outside the crowd of wondering traders and become the independent trader you started out to be. Register for the event right now and make plans to attend each day.

We look forward to seeing you at the event and congratulations on taking a positive step toward changing your life forever.

Todd & Jason